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Karen was the best pet/housesitter in the entire world.

I was care free my entire trip! Thanks Karen!! - Sarah

  • I had to leave town last minute and a friend recomended Karen. She took care of my dog and cat. She was very profesional, and the animals were healthy and happy when I returned. - John

    No one is more friendly than Karen! 

    We would never use anyone else - Kathryn

    Karen has taken care of our animals & house for many years.  She is just the best!  And, she is bonded & insured - Tom

    My pets are my family.  I would never trust them with anyone
    but Karen.  You rock Karen!! - Jean


Karen is the best house sitter you'll ever find. She took care of our home and both of our dogs while we went away on vacations and we were always confident that our home would be exactly as we left it and that both of our pets would receive the same loving attention from her that they would from us.  - Carole

cat & fish

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